Write-In Senate Candidate is Completely Different

A local write-in candidate for a US Senate seat promises that “he’s not a total moron.”

So says the campaign sign of Karl Fornes, a professor of English at USC Aiken. He is running against Democratic nominee Alvin Greene and the Republican incumbent Jim DeMint, as well as Green Party candidate Tom Clements and Nathalie Dupree, another write-in.

Fornes is taking a highly sarcastic approach to the campaign. According to his website,  he says: “My problem is that, years ago, I committed myself to voting in each election, and I simply did not have anyone for whom to vote in the upcoming South Carolina Senate race. With me in the race, I can vote for someone—me!”

Fornes is highly critical of comments DeMint n a 2004 campaign stating that gays and pregnant women shouldn’t be allowed to work in schools. On the other side, Fornes makes light of Greene’s criminal charge of showing porn to a college student. For that, Fornes says one of his campaign promises is “I will not show internet porn to strangers.”

He has sarcastically asked for lobbyists to give him a campaign platform, as he has none at the moment.

Regardless of the refreshing sarcasm, he says he’s just as serious as anyone else in the campaign. He seems to have a good gauge on what being in the Senate will entail, made clear with this statement: “I will plan to follow through with my promises; I will just realize that about half of my congressional colleagues will work hard to stop my promises and the other half won’t have the guts to make them happen.”

For more about Karl Fornes’ Senate bid, visit his website here.