Trick-or-Treating to Go As Planned in Aiken on Sunday

Sunday trick-or-treating will still commence as planned in Aiken.

There is some confusion as to whether or not kids can go door to door since Halloween falls on a Sunday this year – in previous years,  kids were asked to do their rounds on the day before due to police not being in force on that day. To avert confusion, Aiken police have given the green light for kids to do their ghoulish work on Sunday. However, the city of Jackson asks kids to do it on Saturday.

As a reminder, Aiken authorities stress the importance of safety. Respect the privacy of those who aren’t giving out candy, make sure kids are fed a meal before trick-or-treating, and supervise them. Public safety will be in force to smooth things along, and traffic will be blocked off into Gatewood for the freakish night.