Tick Man Dan Discusses the Rise of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

So what exactly is Rocky Mountain spotted fever? To be brief, RMSF is one of many tick-borne diseases. But the worst statistic is the fact that RMSF is, once again, on the rise

Tick Man Dan Talks Proper First-Aid

Annoying used to be the best and most often used adjective to describe mosquitoes, ticks and…well, some mother-in-laws. However, over the last decade two out

Everyone’s “Best Friend” Receives Their Second Chance

  Everyone’s “Best Friend” Receives Their Second Chance By Amy Lignor   It is not an overstatement to say that dogs and cats crave a home of love, friendship, loyalty and kindness – the four attributes they offer to the owner who shows them the same. The numbers for those animals that have been lost, […]

Old Lady in Trouble After Her Dog Eats Another Dog

It’s a dog eat dog world – sometimes literally.

An old woman has been cited for failing to restrain her animal, owning a vicious dog and failing to license her animal after her dog made a chew toy out of the neighbor dog.

While the neighbors were away, 70 year old Jane Gunnell’s dog apparently mauled their dog and left it to rot underneath the back porch. The neighbor couple returned to find the grim wreckage. Reportedly, the guilty dog went through the open gate in the couple’s backyard and went to town on Maggie, the poor 12 year old Labrador.