Moped Bandits Caught and Arrested

Three of Aiken’s upstanding citizens have been charged in connection to the attempted theft of a moped on Jefferson Davis Highway.

One of the thwarted thieves, Donna Nicole Hatcher, was charged with possession of meth and cocaine on top of simple larceny. Joeseph Ennis and Nicholas Stallings were charged with simple larceny as well.

Student May Be Expelled for Having Bullet Fragments

A kid in North Augusta is being recommended for expulsion after he brought spend bullet pieces to school. They are expected to speak with the Area 2 Advisory Council, but young Hunter Johnson’s father doesn’t understand all the bother.

The school’s policy is relatively clear – any kind of gun or ammunition in a student’s possession is grounds for firs offense expulsion recommendation. Even toy guns and things that resemble ammunition are grounds for suspension and/or expulsion.

Still the father, ever cynical, is unmoved: “Rocks could do the same amount of damage… I just think, yes, he should have som