Exploring the Holidays Around the Globe

Thanksgiving has been had. Games have been watched and the golden turkey has caused a great

Lesser-Known Green Gifts

  Lesser-Known Green Gifts by Amy Lignor The mighty elephant fighting for existence, the stunning wolf gracing all the calendars that begs to have those guns stop aiming. The soaring dolphins and majestic whales that need a clean habitat immediately, and the mighty lion who needs far more centuries in which to roar. These are […]

Government splurges this #Holiday season to the tune of 1.1 trillion

 Government splurges this #Holiday season to the tune of 1.1 trillion   Well, tis the season to juggle our finances and who better at doing that than the US government. Now if you don’t know this it is that time a year when the Republican & Democrats decide to make the budgets, you know to […]

Man Poses as Salvation Army Bell Ringer, Scams Cash

Aiken police and the Salvation Army are asking residents of Aiken to be aware of a shyster posing as a bell ringer collecting money for the needy but keeping it for himself.

A man was said to be standing outside of the Food Lion on Richland this week swinging a bell around collecting cash in a jar, but has no ties to the Salvation Army. He apparently stole the iconic red apron and bell and went to work for himself.