Suspect Runs Free During Standoff

Police are asking for the public’s help after a man surreptitiously crept out of the back of a Hugh Street apartment as police gathered in a standoff.

The suspect, 23 year old James Albert Thomas Jr., was engaged in a fight with his 28 year old girlfriend when he pushed her out the front door, armed with a gun. A worried witness called police. When authorities showed up, the girlfriend was gone but Thomas remained  – with five children.

When authorities ordered Thomas to stand down, he fired back with obscenities from outside of an upstairs window. After this exchange, Thomas shut the window, cut the interior lights and seemingly vanished.

Police, suspecting he got away while a sizable crowd was gathering, proceeded to evacuate the surrounding neighbors and set up a perimeter. The children were safely taken out of the home.

Thomas is wanted for criminal domestic violence, two counts of pointing and presenting a firearm and unlawful possession of a firearm. He also reportedly threatened to kill his girlfriend and children.

For more information, read the full article at The Aiken Standard.