Deadly Ambush Shooting Results in Murder

Beech Island was the site of a horrific ambush murder early Friday, according to police.

Twenty-five year old Timothy Wilson was shot in the head after he and some friends were ambushed by gunmen hiding in the woods at around 2:30 am. The Aiken Standard reports that the two surviving men said they were en route to a Beech Island building to record some music. Before they even made it to the studio, shots started firing at their Chevy Tahoe.

In defense, one man with the victim was firing back at the ambushers with a semi-automatic weapon. After he fired back, the attackers ran back into the woods – possibly saving the men from further damage. However, the shooters are currently unaccounted for.

Wilson would die as a result of his injuries 4:15 pm at MCG Health.

An investigation is no doubt underway, but if you have any information regarding this shooting, you are urged to contact the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office at 800-922-9709.