Creating ‘Space-Age’ Concrete: ICF Concrete Additives HiperLon™ Rebar Replacement Fiber

What if you could eliminate the biggest cause of corrosion failure in concrete, place it in half the time, increase the safety of your work force and make your bids independent of the cost of steel?

027 smIf it sounds like space-age concrete, it’s because it is. ICF Concrete Additives’ HiperLon™ fiber is a concrete additive that allows the final product to emulate the flexural strength of rebar-reinforced concrete and in many ways surpass it in strength and durability.

“This fiber is three inches long,” said Mike Riley, Chief Technology Officer for ICF Concrete Additives. “It’s not like your standard concrete fiber at all.”

But in proper dosages, HiperLon™ fiber, initially used by the military to create blast-resistant structures, has emerged as a full rebar replacement in applications ranging from bridges in freeze-thaw climates to OSHA-mandated “safe buildings” for petrochemical companies on the Texas Gulf Coast. With testing from the Army Corps of Engineers, verified by Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, the only company allowed to certify products for the petrochemical industry; HiperLon™ is now being used in one and two-story buildings.

“Without being able to tell you their name,” said Director of Sales Mike Cook, “there’s a large amusement company in Florida where this product is now in eight of their national and international specifications. Their finisher said it was like nothing they’d ever seen before, it was like space-age concrete.”

“If you can eliminate all or most of the steel in a concrete structure, you eliminate the biggest cause of corrosion and failure in the concrete,” said Riley. “Also, the cost of steel fluctuates weekly, so eliminating rebar for scheduling and estimating means you can have a more fixed price moving forward in your bids.”

Riley added that eliminating the safety issues associated with laying rebar makes for a safer jobsite, as well, a big plus for workers who face potentially job-threatening injuries due to the dangers of working with steel. “And what we’ve seen is that it shrinks the construction schedule time for completing the job,” he said. “If you don’t need to place rebar at all, or highly minimize its need in the field, you’ve just cut your concrete schedule practically in half”

Precast_1 smConcrete mixed with HiperLon™ fiber can even be shot-creted; an in-ground swimming pool created with HiperLon™ eliminates the need for wire mesh and rebar completely. ICF Concrete Additives has also performed extensive impact testing, with HiperLon™ fiber. Treated concrete withstands weight drops of more than three times the poundage and six times the height of standard wire mesh concrete.

“We have very convincing videos on our web site,” said Riley “where US Army Special Forces use breaching explosives to destroy Hiperlon™ reinforced concrete. They were unsuccessful, to say the least!”

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