Cheerleading Coach Steals Money From Fundraiser

Gimme a J-A-I-L!

A South Aiken cheerleading coach has been nabbed for taking money from a fundraiser for her own gain.

The woman, 33 year old Nancy Griswold from Lavender, took as much as $825 from the fundraiser and stashed it in her own bank account. Making matters worse, she is an Aiken Public Safety Dispatcher and her husband is a public safety officer.

The case, which is now in the hands of the county sheriff office, accuses Griswold of two counts of breach of trust with a value of $1,000 or less. The warrant states that she took money from the fundraiser anywhere from May to August of 2010. The better than 10 year veteran of Aiken Public Safety was released on $2,185 bond, and currently awaits disciplinary action .