Charleston Burglar Gets MMA Style Beatdown

A 50 year old Charleston man is behind bars charged with first-degree burglary –  let’s just say he tried to rob the worst house possible.

Kenneth Jackson broke into a house on Woolfe and Nassau streets at around 4:30 am Saturday, and was trying to surreptitiously steal an iPhone plugged into the wall. Jackson was a mere foot from one of the homeowner’s beds and apparently wasn’t quiet enough as he was wrestled to the ground in an MMA style arm bar and leg scissors.

As he screamed and yelled, two other roommates stirred from their slumber and helped subdue the doomed man. One guy held Jackson in a sleeper hold in the kitchen while the others looked for the “friends” he was screaming for. There was no such luck for Jackson as he drifted into a deep sleep – but not before faking a heart attack and pleading for leniency.

True teamwork from three tough-as-nails boat captains.