WOW 1 DAY! Painting and Its Pride in Success

  Fortune Magazine is certainly a name that’s familiar to one and all. This is also the magazine that spotlighted a company brand that everyone has come to know, from Canada to North America to Australia – “1-800-Got-Junk?” Then there’s Inc. Magazine, which made sure the world knew about the huge innovation that appeared in […]

Training in WOW 1DAY! Painting’s Industry-Leading Systems

  When speaking about WOW 1 DAY! Painting, ‘WOW’ is the keyword. In this fast-paced, technologically savvy world, the ‘time’ element is something everyone thinks about. Rushing from job to home, taking the kids to practice, paying the bills – everything in life seems to be set on high-gear. So when it comes to home […]

New Franchises and Competition in Social Media

  With everything that is spoken about when it comes to franchises – the biggest topics being marketing, advertising, expansion and franchise documents – it comes as a surprise that the one thing that is never really focused on is the fact that a franchisee needs to make sure to find the most reputable, ethics-oriented […]

How to Find Out the Real Projects in Your Pipeline

  This 1 minute 33 second sales tip shows you how to find out which projects in your pipeline are real and which are not. It is not for the faint of heart but it works like magic. Caramanico, Maguire and Associates

Challenges for Your Social Media World

  360 degrees: That is the complete arc that you, as the owner/operator of your business, must be able to ‘see’ at all times. No, we are not talking about micro-managing, we are talking about understanding every facet of social media that will allow your company to grow and basically bury the competition. There is […]

Learning – The Key to Successful Franchises

  As you head to the Word Wide Web and enter the search keyword, ‘franchises,’ there are literally hundreds of thousands of books, reports and articles that have been written regarding franchisors, franchisees, as well as the trends within the franchise industry. Throughout the Internet, the entire public – including those entrepreneurs out there who […]

Building Trust on the World Wide Web

   Building Trust on the World Wide Web   Is there such a thing as ‘instant trust?’ Well, in the real world that answer is an emphatic  and resounding, ‘No!’ However, can ‘instant trust’ be built on a website? Yes…as long as it’s down correctly.   When it comes to a computer, unlike your first face-to-face meeting […]

Salon and Spa Owners: Be the FIRST!

  by Betsy Smith To all salon and spa owners! Have you heard of Nerium? Products powered by the oleander plant! We have programs to help you bring in extra income, whether you are looking for $2-4k a month or even more. Now is the time to be the first in your area to learn […]

BAM Stands for a Healthy America!

  Fitness and beauty have continued to grow as an industry, and they are becoming one of the most popular sectors making up the world of business in the 21st Century.   One of the highest popularity areas when it comes to the beloved ‘fitness and beauty’ regime is in the form of franchises. And, […]

Optimal Sales Tip: Being Persistent

  This 1 minute sales tip discusses the importance of being persistent when you prospect. there is an amazing statistic that i relate. Caramanico and Maguire