Learning – The Key to Successful Franchises

  As you head to the Word Wide Web and enter the search keyword, ‘franchises,’ there are literally hundreds of thousands of books, reports and articles that have been written regarding franchisors, franchisees, as well as the trends within the franchise industry. Throughout the Internet, the entire public – including those entrepreneurs out there who […]

Building Trust on the World Wide Web

   Building Trust on the World Wide Web   Is there such a thing as ‘instant trust?’ Well, in the real world that answer is an emphatic  and resounding, ‘No!’ However, can ‘instant trust’ be built on a website? Yes…as long as it’s down correctly.   When it comes to a computer, unlike your first face-to-face meeting […]

Salon and Spa Owners: Be the FIRST!

  by Betsy Smith To all salon and spa owners! Have you heard of Nerium? Products powered by the oleander plant! We have programs to help you bring in extra income, whether you are looking for $2-4k a month or even more. Now is the time to be the first in your area to learn […]

BAM Stands for a Healthy America!

  Fitness and beauty have continued to grow as an industry, and they are becoming one of the most popular sectors making up the world of business in the 21st Century.   One of the highest popularity areas when it comes to the beloved ‘fitness and beauty’ regime is in the form of franchises. And, […]

Optimal Sales Tip: Being Persistent

  This 1 minute sales tip discusses the importance of being persistent when you prospect. there is an amazing statistic that i relate. Caramanico and Maguire

The Mystical Power of Social Media over Business

  There is a certain mysticism when it comes to social media and how much it can help make or break a company. There are stories all the time about how many businesses are simply asking people to ‘follow’ them in order to increase their numbers when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, etc. But, in […]

Online Marketing and Keyboard-in-Mouth Disease

  Here is the medical issue: “Foot-and-mouth disease is an infectious, sometimes fatal viral disease that affects cloven-hoofed animals. The virus causes a high fever, followed by blisters inside the mouth and on the feet that may rupture and cause lameness.” NOW – take ‘foot’ out and insert ‘keyboard,’ and you have a serious disease […]

Sales Training – Prepare Your Mindset – Sales Tip

  This 1 minute and 45 second sales tip discusses the importance of having your mindset in the right place before a sales call. Your mindset will have more to do with the success of the call than the techniques you use on the call. Carmanico and Maguire  

Decorative Resin Flooring, Key Resin Company

  Aesthetics is the absolute appreciation of beauty; whether it be found in art, books, culture, or any other aspect of life. However, one industry that many may not link with aesthetics is the world of flooring. This is an industry that’s responsible for the creation of products that will allow the once ‘drab’ areas […]

Control Hazardous Materials with OutPack

  In this environmentally-conscious world, it is truly amazing to run across companies that are out there doing their absolute best to not only do well by EPA rules and regulations, but also to be those true ‘innovators’ that are lending far more than just a hand when it comes to protecting our environment. These […]