BAM Stands for a Healthy America!


Fitness and beauty have continued to grow as an industry, and they are becoming one of the most popular sectors making up the world of business in the 21st Century.


One of the highest popularity areas when it comes to the beloved ‘fitness and beauty’ regime is in the form of franchises. And, one reason is, a company called BAM with franchises that are making a huge brand ‘pawprint’ with their exciting fitness innovation called,Xist fit Xist Fitness; not to mention in the beauty sector involving; The TAN Company and Spray La Vie; and a duo that is the ‘best of the best’ in the massage world, called MassageLuXe and FaceLuXe. These happen to be a ‘team’ of franchises that are not only improving beauty and health, but they are also creating longer, healthier, more pain-free lives for their clients.


In 2013, the BAM franchises continue to grow. With more and more medical and health professionals coming out with their ideas for preventative health, by using fitness and massage, the growth is even more rapid. Insurance companies have also started to offer a variety of incentives hoping that individuals will take better care of themselves. With this extra support, the beauty and fitness industry will continue to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives. From fighting obesity to attempting to halt the progress of aging, Xist Fitness, as well as the myriad of BAM Franchises, are helping people work to make their lives longer, and find some kind of relaxation that comes from the ‘LuXe’ names.


An America that has become more health-conscious also comes from the fact that more and more are turning toward the World Wide Web in order to get fit, learn new information, find out data from the medical professionals out there, and join up with fitness centers so they can reduce all that excess weight that’s causing them such pain and agony. And when they found out about Xist Fitness, and realized that it is a franchise in the making that not only allows them a chance to lose the weight but also to do so in an encouraging environment, unlike many fitness centers, the health-conscious factor soared.


For fitness alone, industry profits are estimated to grow “5.3% per year for the next five years and revenues will hit $29.1 billion by 2016.” (source:  IBISWorld.) Therefore, the conclusion is that the trend for this country is the same as the trend for BAM franchises; we wish to be a part of a growing trend that will provide each and every one of us with a more healthy lifestyle.


For those who are unaware, obesity became a tremendous problem over the past decade, with over seventy percent of American adults being overweight. With this trend comes the increase in so many health issues it’s almost impossible to name them all; diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are the significant leaders. But the BAM Franchises – especially Xist Fitness – are among the biggest advocates for transforming these numbers into something livable. (0% could happen if an Xist Fitness center ‘popped up’ in every neck of the woods.) They are perfectly positioned, with their innovative ideas, to help individuals with this problem and give them the opportunity to stay in shape for the long haul.


Be very clear, franchises are no longer contained to the world of convenience stores and fast food joints. In fact, with the BAM presence, the world of fast food is decreasing while the healthy one is becoming stronger and stronger – which is exactly the trend we want our children to follow so that these health issues can become a thing of the past.


It is also a huge benefit that franchisers are creating jobs for almost twenty million needy Americans. And these are not just jobs that provide cash and benefits; these are jobs that offer the worker an immense amount of pride in what they do for a living.


So, there’s only one question left to be asked: Is franchising right for you? BAM is an excellent way to bring your A-Game to the world!