Baking Bagels Closing Down By Month’s End

A popular local bagel shop is closing its doors soon, but you still have time to get a taste of what made it so popular.

Bagels Baking, 218 East Gate Drive within the Publix shopping center, has been active for two and a half years. The owners, Mark and Sheila Stern, are closing the store after Christmas because of the toll it has taken on their health and the hard work involved in being up so early and getting everything set up.

Bagels Baking was known by residents as the place to go to get delicious bagels in the Aiken area, and will still be in business for the next few weeks, opening at 6:30 a.m. The business opened originally to get rid of the “days of overpriced bagels that taste like cardboard and have the texture of concrete.” Many who have stopped there would agree that they did just that.