Aiken County Capital Projects Sales Tax Up For Vote, November 2

Candidates are the only ones needing votes on November 2nd. Round three of the Aiken County Capital Projects Sales Tax needs your attention too.

The Capital Projects Sales Tax is a special one-cent option sales tax that applies to the gross proceeds of sales in Aiken County. Thankfully, it doesn’t mean an additional tax, just an extension of the existing local option tax approved by voters twice in the past ten years.

back in 2000, the Capital Projects Sales Tax was passed with 52 percent of the vote. It raised $54,600,000.

In 2004, it was again approved, this time with 60% of the vote, and was expected to raise just over $114million. The estimate for this third round is $130 to $145 million. Each re-imposed tax must not exceed seven years from the date of re-imposition.

The November Aiken Report will show the income estimated by the City and also describe what it would be spent on.